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Business to Business
with Precision

B2B Marketing

If your company is seeking to adopt an outsourcing approach to marketing, it doesn’t mean marketing has to take a hit. On the contrary, working with outside experts has its clear benefits:

  • Addressing the financial issue of being unable to afford an in-house marketing function.
  • Flexibility to seek tactical content creation on an “as and when required” basis.
  • Harnessing the experience, insight and expertise of external creatives who can add real value across the end-to-end marketing journey.

As we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 crisis, it will be important for companies to create a marketing strategy that delivers tactical content across relevant channels and platforms. Organisations can then dial up spend according to best-practice strategy, which results in less waste and more effective spending.

Where we
come in…

Due to our unique end to end offering from brand strategy, creativity, and channel activation, Initials are well placed to be able to provide clients with marketing solutions that can allow clients to outsource with confidence, but without the risk.

Services we can provide

Brand Engineering / Development

Creating the foundations of all brand communication, including; Research. Competitor audit. Sector gap analysis. Refining archetypes, values, belief, mission. Proposition development (for both service and employer brands as necessary). Creating a brand statement. positioning, employee value proposition, direction and inspiration. Creating brand (and if pertinent) sub brand relationships and hierarchy.

Brand Creation

Visual and verbal manifestation of the brand, either evolution or revolution set out against current position and refreshed proposition. A creative process extended from the visual to include tone of voice, personality and all necessary brand ‘furniture’.

Marketing Strategy Review / Creation

Setting out insights and key objectives against defined audiences and agreeing KPIs. Delivering the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’, not just the ‘What’. Setting up process and channels for the provision of proactive strategic initiatives that may be relevant to any/all brands.

Marketing Plan Creation

Establishing a communication plan including channel selection (analogue and digital) and key responsibilities and associated timings. Often completed against key calendar events but always against proposed spend/budget levels.

Content Creation / Campaign Delivery

Channel focused content creation as necessary, in-house experts that can deliver from TV advertising to Social content and CRM to Events of all sizes. Specific skills that allow Initials to deliver marketing campaigns for you and/or your clients.

Digital Infrastructure Development

Technology stack analysis that allows us to help a business plan its technical needs against its marketing and service provision goals. Phases include; Discover/Demystify. Define/Design. Deliver/Deploy. Including SEO and Web design and development.