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Live Amplified Workshops

Experiential has always been important, now it is essential

In this current climate, where consumer trust is at an all-time low, brands must focus obsessively on demonstrating authenticity.


Why Experiential is vital

Experiential is the most effective channel for doing just that. It puts a human face on the brand and excels at building meaningful one-to-one consumer connections. The benefits ripple well beyond the activation itself; Experiential creates content with meaning, igniting interest across multiple touchpoints and across social.


How to get it right?

Based on a decade of experience, and in collaboration with a host of specialist industry experts, Initials have defined six factors that are crucial for developing effective, integrated campaigns.

We’re offering the chance to discuss these and how they apply to your business at a bespoke Live Amplified workshop.


What’s the format?

A free two-hour strategy workshop, intended for 2-8 brand team members.


What’s the agenda?

Our senior team will explore:

  • Why Experiential matters more than ever
  • The six factors for Experiential success

We will demonstrate our approach through theory and case studies. Subsequently, we will apply the Live Amplified principles to one of your historic briefs, to land it clearly with your brand in a relevant actionable way.


Who should attend?

Any brands who want to optimise future experiential activations. Any marketing stakeholders involved in the strategy, ideation, planning and execution of live campaigns, and the subsequent amplification.


How do I book my free Live Amplified workshop?

Submit your details using the form below and our team will be in touch to arrange a session.




Rachel Bateman

Head of Experiential


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