The first in a series of White Paper seminars

December 12, 2018
Nick Presley
Executive Creative Director

We all know challenger brands are on the rise. At Initials we wanted to examine why that is, and what established brands should be doing about it. So we commissioned a major piece of consumer research to do just that.

As a result of that work we’re in Soho this morning, hosting a breakfast event at the House of St Barnabas to launch our white paper, Challenging The Challengers. We’ll be discussing our research findings and asking the question: do established brands need to start behaving differently?

The research shows consumers are switching to challenger brands in their droves, with over two thirds of respondents saying being exposed to a multitude of marketing messages was making them less loyal to established brands. The findings expose five harsh truths established brands must tackle in the face of the challenger brand phenomenon.

We’ll be looking at why challenger brands are doing so well, and how the battle for influence is likely to play out, touching on category insights and exploring the implications for established brands along the way.

Simon Callender, our creative planning director will be sharing an overview of the research, before a brand leader panel discussion led by Initials CEO Jamie Matthews and featuring Bas Bakker (Heineken), Heloise Le Norcy-Trott (Lactalis UK) and Jeremy Carson (Fit Kit).

Look out for key findings from the research in the press in the coming days, and check back for information on our next White Paper event.

You can read the full White Paper here.