Nature’s Bounty appoints Initials

December 16, 2020
Eddie Mills
Group Account Director

In the heart of the pandemic, with consumer concerns around immunity and general health & wellbeing peaking, we won a pitch to help reposition and effectively relaunch the Nature’s Bounty brand in the UK after years of small, incremental growth since their introduction in 2017.

The VMS category is flooded with offerings, dominated by some big legacy players, other smaller (often indistinguishable) ‘natural’ brands and the more niche players who have taken advantage of the personalisation and D2C trends that have given the category a newer, fresher feel in recent years.

Although you could muse the category has modernised from the bottom up, our consumer research pre- and post-pitch, revealed that an outdated, often polarising comms approach was still being deployed with celebrities and influencers used to create demand in a way that didn’t reflect the subtlety, demands and challenges of everyday life – this year in particular being a million miles away from airbrushed skin, shiny hair and private jets to New York for business meetings.

So, taking inspiration from a category still seemingly stuck in the 80’s and the brand’s founding purpose of ‘simplified and accessible nutrition for all’ we have set about creating an approach that unearths the nuggets that lie behind life as we experience it today, positioning the brand as the supportive, helping hand that is there to help, whatever life throws at you.

Alongside the development of the new campaign, which is due to launch in the first quarter of 2021, we have spent the first few months since our appointment ensuring Nature’s Bounty are set up to maximise the explosion of online shopping that was accelerated by the pandemic and which now looks firmly here to stay. A root and branch eCommerce review highlighted two key areas of focus – the optimisation of all Amazon content and the development of the brand’s first D2C offering which is due to go live in early January.

With consumers being able to interact with your brand in an increasing number of channels, we know the value of creating a truly connected experience and we’re looking forward to launching a campaign and eCommerce platform for Nature’s Bounty in 2021 that will act as the bedrock for future growth.

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