Discover the dynamic world of recent marketing trends that are shaping the industry. Our report offers insights into the latest developments and innovations in the marketing landscape, helping you stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Key takeaways


1. AI-Driven NPDs:

Discover how AI is revolutionising New Product Development, offering brands the ability to gain insights at the idea stage, enhance product success rates, and respond to consumer trends in real-time.


2. TikTok ‘Out of Phone’ Advertising:

Learn how TikTok is extending its reach beyond digital screens, transforming advertising by bridging the gap between digital content and real-world visibility.


3. HFSS Shift:

Understand the impact of government regulations on HFSS products, prompting a shift towards healthier options, compliance, and redesigning store formats.


4. Krispy Kreme’s Reconnection Campaign:

Delve into Krispy Kreme’s recent campaign, which encourages reconnection and mending of past relationships, offering ‘Ghosted Boxes’ filled with iconic Original Glazed doughnuts.


5. Wrapper-Free Snack Bars

Explore the eco-friendly future with One Good Thing’s innovative wrapper-free snack bars, featuring an edible coating that replaces traditional wrappers and offers a sustainable snacking solution.

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