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Case Studies

Welcome to Initials

Hi Northern Rail Team,

We’ve created this page to showcase the work most appropriate to your brief. All of the case studies below are referred to in our tender questionnaire, however, we were unable to show our creative work in that document, so here it is. Please do feel free to browse the rest of our site to get a feel for initials as an agency and more of our work beyond the the brief. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Imogen Venn, Senior Account Director


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Our Northern Rail Research

For some of your colleagues at Northern Rail, Initials may already be familiar to you, as we were pipped at the post at the very last hurdle the last time this process was run in 2018. This has however, done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for your brand and the challenges you face, and bizarrely has made us even more determined to ensure we are lifting the trophy this time round – rather like the Catalan Dragons in your own SuperLeague Grand Final this year, having narrowly lost 12-10 to St Helens, and now determined to make it their own in 2022.


We took it upon ourselves in 2018 to research Northern Rail, watch this video to see. Expect more of this in 2022!

Cerulean Health C-19 Testing

We created a new brand strategy, creative campaign & delivery of 60+ paid media assets in different formats. Whilst realtime amends were being made to government guidance, meaning we had to stay agile to and amend media assets immediately as new guidance came out. Here you’ll see the two the key visuals for the campaign.

Club Med – Global repositioning and toolkit rollout 

Following a 6-way pitch with the Global team in Paris, Club Med appointed us as their sole strategic marketing agency, and we also work ad- hoc with the UK team. Key to the success of our work has been defining a new tone of voice epitomising the Spirit of Club Med that reinforces their unique positioning in the market. Our work has covered most aspects of online and offline communication, as well as providing content for all Club Med’s social media channels.

McLaren Senna – Challenge the Impossible

The McLaren Senna was created to offer the purest connection between man and machine. The most track-focused road car McLaren have ever built. Destined to set the fastest lap times. Inspired by one of the greatest ever racing drivers. And his absolute dedication to be the best he could be.

Having developed the global positioning for the newest hyper car from McLaren Automotive, we set about making a film that would in equal measure excite, enthuse, instil wonder and move people.

Hovis – Best thing since … 

Beloved British breadmakers Hovis were planning to launch their new ‘Bakers since 1886’ range of artisanal loaves and rolls across the country. With a new, more premium product line-up, the brand wanted a nationwide TV and shopper campaign that would suitably showcase its tasty new offering.

Check out one of the 20s TVC ads here:

Harley-Davidson – The Next Chapter

On of our challenges was to excite new potential riders about the future of Harley-Davidson, without alienating owners of the iconic motorcycle brand.

Check out the manifesto-led emotive film that took viewers​ on an inspiring and exciting journey but also left them informed:

Dug Potato Milk – Dare to Dug

New kid on the block, potato milk DUG wanted to make a splash within the world of dairy alternatives. A swiftly saturating market, it would prove a tough place to land with impact – with many category consumers already brand loyalists, and the rejectors yet to be convinced. On a big mission with a small budget, we had to step out with creativity and conviction to really turn heads.

Born from the brand’s bold Revolutionary Urban personality, ‘Dare to DUG’ became
our distinctive new creative platform – which invited audiences to challenge their perceptions, reject the norm and delve into the unexpected realms of potato milk.

PepsiCo – RockStar Toolkit

Rockstar is a massive bet for PepsiCo and has become a top priority for their business. With this priority came massive growth ambition as they look to expand their business to 2B+ and 50+ markets in the coming years.

So ,what was driving the need for this toolkit?

The energy category features an extensive variety of both strong and established players and small/ local value brands that shoppers know and love. Having built presence and appeal through convincing brand values and credible RTB’s, shoppers enter the category with clear expectation on what these products should deliver. When you download the toolkit from our submission you’ll see we developed a comms strategy, multiple key visuals, trade guidelines, channel planning and partnership guidelines.

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Please reach out with any questions. I look forward to working with you in 2022.

Imogen Venn, Senior Account Director