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Blended for Your Perfection


Launch the new Twinings Superblends range to a health conscious young audience, driving awareness, trial and engagement.


Contextualise and bring to life the benefits of each individual blend throughout the day.

We found our audience seeking easy and tasty ways to boost their health without breaking their stride at the Glamour Beauty Festival and busy mainline stations. We then welcomed them into immersive pods that brought to life the essence of each blend in physical and sensory ways.


One pod gave them a taste of Glow with a quick makeover – so they felt good from the inside out.

Feel good songs were selected by those in the Energise pod to spread the positive energy.

Sleep offered relaxation and a moment of meditation and Defence tested reactions on a Batak wall.

We even encouraged everyone to share their #HereForYou photos on social media to be in with a chance of winning a spa retreat for two.


hot samples experienced


pillow-pack sample units produced


teabags distributed in total