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Head and Shoulders Above


Drive re-appraisal with the millennial audience disillusioned with mainstream cider.


Take advantage of Strongbow’s Let’s Own It platform and festival association.

Festivals are so much more than watching the headline act – they are the sum of lots of smaller memories made with mates. So, we created a space that became a must-visit meeting place: The Strongbow Yard.

In the centre, standing tall and true, Strongbow’s iconic Archer was brought to life like never before. Surrounded by an urban junkyard feel and overlooked by a DJ booth made out of old speakers, we created ‘Own it’ hotspots where festival goers could enjoy organic moments together.

Each unique area provided a great place to hang out, enjoy a pint of Strongbow and some quality time with friends.


visitors each year over three festivals


would come back to the area at a future festival


of visitors spent up to an hour in The Strongbow Yard