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The Proof is in the Pudding


Capitalise on the awareness garnered from previous Dark Fruit experiential and drive penetration in key demographic.


Continue to harness the power of the existing Dark Fruit superfandom.

Following on from a busy summer, we created ‘Dark Fruit: The Cakery’: A pop-up Dark Fruit themed bakery where superfans could purchase Dark Fruit baked goods.

We partnered with LadBible who hosted a ‘cake off creation’ contest to see what superfans up and down the country were creating. A winner was selected, and their bake was shipped to Manchester to act as the centrepiece of our one-off Cakery!

For one day only

Our Cakery opened its doors to the public and sold all kinds of sweet treats, from personalised cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and bespoke doughnuts supplied by ‘Doughnut Time’ – all Dark Fruit flavoured, of course!

The Dark Fruit fans of Manchester flocked to the pop-up and stocked up on our limited-edition baked goods, were amazed by the ‘cake off’ winner and rounded off 2018 in Strongbow style! See here for LadBible’s video of the day.