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Unexpected Holiday in the Bagging Area


Retain a high brand presence and rate of sale on all core flavours and maintain in-store visibility.


Working in a cross-agency team with AMV, OMD, Freuds and Black Swan, create an integrated campaign with an on-pack promotion at its core.

Our on-pack promotion went live across 80 million packs giving consumers the chance to win 20,000 exciting holidays by collecting letters and spelling destinations. There were also 250,000 instant prizes of Ray Bans Kobo eReaders, Sony cameras and eBooks.

Launched on TV, there were also media promotions in The Sun, Buzzfeed and on social media, interactive outdoor posters where passers-by could make letter shapes with their bodies to win extra letters and a customised WHSmith window display in Victoria Station.

Surprise and delight

Finally, we were challenged with creating an overlay to run in Tesco that became the first of its kind in a retail environment. Unexpected Holiday in the Bagging Area gave shoppers a big surprise with our Walkers Holiday Pilot and his team travelling across the UK for six weeks giving away an extra two holidays every day simply for being in the right place at the right time with a packet of Walkers in their trolley. This resulted in over 8 million views of the social content, over 21 million unique plays, and at its peak more than 2.5 million codes entered every week.

2.5 million

codes entered per week

8 million

social views

21 million

unique plays