From great product to go-to brand:
hit your high in the low & no category.

Until recently the choices within the low & no alcohol category have been sparse, but as the category has matured, lack of alcohol content is merely the cost of entry.

As part of our ongoing research into emerging sectors, we have recently researched no & low, and identified some key insights that should chime with you:

Cut through is difficult as the category is experiencing more than 12 non-alcoholic launches per month1
Gaining retail listings is hugely challenging as the trade don’t yet fully understand the category. This is inhibiting sales growth with many brands fading away (80% of new brands fail)2
Whilst the audience is on the rise, consumers are still in trial mode, so brand allegiance is hard to achieve (echoing Vegan and Free From brands historically)3

To cut through, we believe businesses must transform products into brands – both to drive penetration, and to defend (and grow) listings – particularly in these turbulent times.

We tackled similar challenges for the following brands:

Launching one of the first 0% beers for a global brand
Developing a brand positioning to drive sales in a saturated vegan category
A 360° campaign to drive listings and educate on brand role

Abby Hartley

Head of Marketing