Is your business looking to modernise and evolve? Then you need to invest in an EVP.

Increased competition for talent, rising staff costs and employee retention – it’s never been more important to be seen as an employer of choice.

A strong Employee Value Proposition can help to overcome these issues, and our seminar below explores how. We’ll discuss:

  • What is a good EVP?
  • Why is it more important than ever?
  • What are the traits of a good EVP?
  • Examples of EVP ecosystems
  • What specifics will benefit from a good EVP
  • 7 watch outs when developing your EVP



What are the traits of a good EVP?

It must be visible

You are creating an employer brand that needs its own identity to assist in communication. It should be visible on a day-to-day basis across every level of the organization. A distinct Tone of Voice and Visual Identity can really help.

It must be felt

Lip service is any good EVP’s kryptonite. You cannot just make statements if you can’t demonstrate ways to deliver or support it. Shift the focus from WHAT to HOW.

It must be consistent

In message, ambition and most importantly in its link to purpose. People want to be part of a company with purpose and this needs to be baked into your EVP, connecting employee experience directly with helping the company achieve the greater good.

It must be distinctly ownable

Involving your people in the creation process is critical to ensuring your EVP is both real and aspirational and the most powerful way to bring your EVP to life. Nurture ownership at every level.

It must be different from your competition

Make it authentically yours, ensuring you tell the story of who you are and what you stand for, essentially what makes you unique. It’s critical to connect social causes, diversity, inclusion, wellness, and sustainability to your EVP.

It must be true to your company’s reality

Balance talking about where you are going (your ambitions and intentions) with what you’re doing to get there.

It should be relevant

You should aim to tie it in with your external brand and let that influence your internal employer brand, let them feed of each other.

It should build relationships

The goal should be to turn ex-employees into Alumni that have future value to the company.

Watch the Event Recording

If you enjoy the event presentation and want to speak to us further, we can arrange to take you through the key steps to developing a kick ass EVP and how you can make this a reality for your brand.

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