With the covid-19 pandemic fuelling digital acceleration and transforming shopping habits, iournev orchestration matters more now than ever before.

Brands need to get a firm grip on nov the consumer journev has evolved and eliminate traditional linear purchase funnels from their marketing agenda as a strategic priority.

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If you can give us a few key bits of information on your customers and category, we can help you get a bit closer to the journey they are really taking.


We will need :

A basic overview of your views on key business/category challenges and objectives.


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A workshop in which we will showcase the importance of applying behavioural biases in marketing, how they affect consumer behaviour and increase advertising effectiveness. Tailoring the insights to your category, we will provide an overview of the market forces at play and key audience behaviours to build an understanding of which biases are being used by your competitors and are most likely to influence positive behaviour.

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Watch our webinar below which covers:

The factors that have contributed to the shift from a linear consumer journey to a complex maze

How shoppers process the limitless information presented to them and make informed choices

How brands can show up at the right moment and win consumer preferences, whatever their category

Helping clients work out their most important assets and how to apply them through the path to purchase

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If you enjoyed the event presentation and want to speak to us further, we can arrange an initlal consultation call to understand your brand challenges In more detail and advise on the most effective ways to hack
the consumer Journey or our target audience.

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