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Key takeaways


1. Tesco’s Digital Media Expansion

Tesco quadruples digital screens in stores, establishing the largest digital screen network in the UK grocery sector.


2. Plant-Based Alternatives: Interest vs. Hesitation

Despite 61% interest in plant-based alternatives among UK consumers, many hesitate to try them due to concerns about preparation difficulty and cost.


3. Christmas Spending Trends Amid Economic Strain

Economic pressures lead UK shoppers to cut back on Christmas festivities, evident in reduced gift purchases, dining expenses, and grocery shopping.


4. Christmas Meals: Scaling Back and Diversifying

Financial pressures prompt UK adults to scale back Christmas meals, with a trend toward incorporating diverse cuisines into traditional celebrations.


5. Marketing Campaigns and Partnerships

Notable initiatives launched by Colman’s, Just Eat, Iceland, and Insane Grain.


6. New Product Launches

Impactful launches from Tesco, The Good Crisp Company, Lucky Saint, Cheesestrings, Deliveroo, Horlicks, Budweiser, Lindt, and Soreen.

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