Enabling your brand’s move to sCommerce.

The Initials guide to social commerce explores the opportunities that shopping via social presents for your brand. Furnishing you with inspiration and insights, and enough clarity in relation to its potential to assist commercial growth, to get you out of the blocks as a first mover in this space.



73% of brands state their interest in the social commerce opportunity is peaking post pandemic, with a range of levels of interest. FMCG appears to be marginally ahead of retail bricks and mortar, in terms of discovery and implementation

The guide covers:

  • The drivers of social commerce growth and the opportunity it represents
  • An overview of the main platforms
  • The key components and objectives needed to launch a successful social commerce campaigns
  • How Initials Labs’ expert social commerce team are equipped to help you
  • How to move forward towards a strategy

Social commerce is a new fast growth part of the wider customer journey and like all new avenues of exploration expert insight is necessary to guide and understand the opportunity.

So, we invite you to download the guide and look forward to discussing how we could help you to leverage the cutting edge of social digital in the very near future.

Thank you


Dominic Murray

Director of Digital, Initials Labs

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To get in touch or to request a hard copy of the report, please contact Dominic or Abby who will be happy to discuss further.

Dominic Murray, Director of Digital

Abby Hartley, Head of Marketing