It’s back with a bang

June 19, 2019
Rachel Bateman
Head of Experiential

This year, we’re helping Strongbow kick off another festival-fuelled summer season.

For the third year, The Strongbow Yard and our a ten-metre high archer stand head and shoulders above at the Isle of Wight festival Kendal Caling and Victorious.

There’s everything from pyrotechnic displays to DJ sets to bring together the three core ciders: Strongbow Original, Strongbow Dark Fruit and Strongbow Cloudy Apple.

While our archer is our landmark, the real headliner is the piano duo taking requests on stage at ‘Refreshing People Live’. They’ll play anything from ‘Wonderwall’ to Whitney Houston, from Drake to ‘Disco Yes’. We’ve even set up an After Dark tent at Kendall Caling for the dedicated fans of Strongbow Dark Fruit after the success of our previous superfan pop-ups, Dark Fruit Ink and Dark Fruit: The Cakery.

Keep an eye out for us at the upcoming Victorious Festival and Kendall Caling. Be part of the 100,000 people we predict we’ll be sharing a cider and a sing-along with this summer at The Strongbow Yard.