Shopper Marketing


Encouraging consumers to choose your brand is as much an art as it is a science. We seamlessly combine channel understanding, behavioural economics and consumer psychology to make sure your brand stands tall amongst the competition and truly influences purchase decisions.

The retail landscape has changed.

And the shopper’s journey is no longer linear. We’ve entered a new era where digital, physical and social worlds unite to deliver consistent, connected shopper experiences at every turn.

Whether you want to launch a new product, grow your brand, or perhaps inspire new consumption occasions, there’s a time, place and method for engaging your shoppers – which we’ll help you establish early on.

Following a tailored approach, we can then look to build consumer loyalty through a bespoke CRM programme.


Shopper insight and strategy

Using a blend of research techniques, we gather real insights to uncover the hidden motivations, needs and behaviours of your shoppers and transform these findings into creative, action-driving solutions that ensure your product ends up in shoppers’ physical or digital baskets.

Consumer journey mapping and workshops

Shopper needs change throughout the omnichannel path to purchase. So our comms model ensures your brand’s emotional and functional story is always delivered through the right touchpoint, in the right way.

Retailer activations and global toolkits

Agility is key to developing innovative campaigns that resonate with all kinds of shopper. From broad-reaching to retailer-specific, we simplify the journey by finding the sweet spot between your shopper, brand and retailer. Digitally, physically, or through a fusion of both

Creative testing and optimisation

We’ve developed a series of powerful analysis tools that ensure your creative comms resonate with your target audience. These tools evaluate and optimise campaign stimulus and comparable executions with real shoppers, using cloud-based online surveys. We cover 60 countries globally, with a database of 250,000 shoppers from numerous demographics, so you can pinpoint the exact audience that you wish to take part.


CRM is the thread that holds The Connected Experience together. Shoppers nowadays are in ‘constant consideration’ cycles with brand interest won or lost at any point. Based on a thorough understanding of shopper needs and wants, the most successful relationships rely on relevant and timely communications. Our fusion of behavioural, geodemographic, attitudinal and lifecycle segmentations allow us to create personalised and relevant communications that build deeper relationships, increase loyalty, generate referrals, and ultimately drive customer value.

Our Team

Mirella and Sarah form a formidable duo, combining years of planning expertise with unrivalled activation application. If you’re after an insight into the world of shopper marketing, look no further.

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