A Recipe for sweet success


Drive sales and penetration across Cadbury range.


Leverage Cadbury’s brand proposition centred around ‘joy’, offering prizes that surprise and delight consumers.

We combined on-pack and live engagement to deliver a first of its kind promotion, giving away life-changing surprises in a truly engaging and memorable way. The prize fund would be completely tailored to the winners and kept secret until the last possible moment, meaning that the element of surprise could be truly heightened.

To raise awareness of the integrated activity, we created a Joynormous vending machine, which communicated joy by coming to life and offering an unexpected surprise to selected passers-by. This activation, in Covent Garden for a week, would mimic the on-pack promotion mechanic in the live environment to drive public and PR interaction and deliver an engaging piece of social content.

Joy Agents were sent around distributing promotional chocolate bars and scratch cards to passers-by. If a scratch card revealed a winner, the Joy Agents guided them to the Joynormous Machine that came alive once they pressed the magic button. With the help of Freddie Flintoff playing our genie inside the machine, the guests were taken through a series of filtering questions, ensuring we could tailor a prize just for them.

From over half a million entries received, we delivered a series of truly unforgettable surprises; a couple being able to get married, someone flying off to have a professional theatre lesson on Broadway, a family getting up close and personal with The Big 5 on Safari in South Africa and someone visiting San Diego Comic Con to name but a few!