How members of the £500k Campaign Club can punch above their weight

Out-Thinking The Opposition addresses how brands deploying campaign budgets of c. £500k can ensure that they maximise the bang they get from every available buck.

It’s not always possible to outspend your competition, but you can out-think them. In fact, brands with limited resources have never had a better chance to start their own revolution.

By combining clever thinking and smart, best-in-class practice, it’s possible to subvert prevailing category norms, back the right innovative ideas and jump quickly on opportunities, whenever and wherever they emerge.

Drawing on insights gleaned from interviews with marketing, media and neuroscience experts, we’ve defined six guiding principles we believe will help brands to optimise this level of campaign spend to full effect.

One big goal

Distilled POV

Courageous creative

Cut-through content

Concentrated firepower

True partnership

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