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Features include:
  • Hacking the new complex customer journey
    Valuable guidance on how to ensure that – in a sea of endless consumer choice – your brand gets chosen first.
  • The EVP advantage
    Making the case for why investing in an EVP can propel your business forward during a time of market change.
  • The era of social commerce has arrived Exploring why the future of commerce is one with social commerce fixed at its core and why now is the time to capitalise.
  • Putting wearable tech at the heart of healthcare strategies
    Why we believe tech innovation can – and must – be the beating heart of healthcare delivery.
  • Stepping into the metaverse
    Investigating how brands can start to embrace this opportunity to create unique new experiences and build loyal communities.
  • Accessibility in design
    Why digital design for your whole audience matters.
  • Navigating the cost of living crisis
    Guidance for brands as they look to find a way to cater to consumer expectations in a difficult time, whilst remaining relevant and valuable.