Why a
technology strategy is essential

OK Computer? looks at why marketing technology needs to be 100% brand-led and how to achieve it.

Combining results from Initials Labs’ own survey of 150 senior-level marketers with insights from industry leaders, the report is designed to help readers set their future MarTech strategy with confidence.

There are actionable insights throughout – covering everything from why MarTech is delivering less than it promises, through to steps to take when building your technology strategy. The rewards for getting it right are great, but at the same time the challenges aren’t hard to spot.

The gap between ambition and reality

  • People’s expectations of brands have risen faster than brands’ ability to meet those expectations.
  • Brands understand they need technology to help them rise to the challenge:

93% of business leaders say improving their customer-facing technology is a competitive necessity.

  • Technology’s potential may be clear but realising that potential is a different matter:

60% of marketers believe they’re missing out on significant revenue and sales opportunities because of their organisation’s current marketing technology.

When it comes to MarTech, all too often ambition and reality fail to align. Initials’ research digs deeper, exploring the root cause of this gap, with the whitepaper providing a way forward for brands.

How do you rise to the MarTech challenge? Download the report to find out.

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