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Connecting Negotiators


Maximise The Gap Partnership’s growth and penetration beyond their Alumni/sponsors closed LinkedIn model.


Digitally expand their core offering with an open online community.

We created The Negotiation Society, a bespoke online platform for their negotiation community, enabling The Gap Partnership to expand their core offering into countries where they currently don’t have a physical presence.

Digitising some of their key negotiation techniques into online courses allows the business to maximise growth and offer direct to consumer offerings that previously hadn’t been considered.

The Negotiation Society is an online community where alumni and sponsors can engage with likeminded individuals within a digital community driven by personalised aggregated news items and thoughtpieces, plus access to discussion boards, case studies and insights from the world of negotiation.

This digital platform not only furthers their learning, but also enables The Gap Partnership to drive their digital innovations and product offering direct to consumer.

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A community hub

Full of world-class negotiation content, including:

  • Daily news & insights
  • Discussion boards
  • Negotiation Skills profiling tool
  • Negotiation Planning Tools
  • Video content
  • Practice case studies
  • Exclusive events