Dare to DUG


New kid on the block, potato milk DUG wanted to make a splash within the world of dairy alternatives. A swiftly saturating market, it would prove a tough place to land with impact – with many category consumers already brand loyalists, and the rejectors yet to be convinced. On a big mission with a small budget, we had to step out with creativity and conviction to really turn heads.


More than half of dairy alternative drinkers admit they continue to buy despite not enjoying the taste. And that’s where DUG could really bring some clout. Not only is its milk vegan, allergen free and super sustainable – it delivers on the all-important taste factor too. Working from the proposition ‘taste without compromise’ we set to work creating a bold campaign world that would celebrate DUG in all its glory.


Born from the brand’s bold Revolutionary Urban personality, ‘Dare to DUG’ became
our distinctive new creative platform – which invited audiences to challenge their perceptions, reject the norm and delve into the unexpected realms of potato milk. We merged provocative visuals with punchy headlines, communicating product benefits and prompting action in a far from conventional way. And what started as an ask for some simple 6-sheets soon turned into a supersized OOH display in central London and a full-blown brand world that’s raring to revolutionise dairy-free milk as we know it.