Eat wonderful


Enthusiastic purveyors of all-natural yet marvellously creative nut butters – including popping candy, crispy rice, gingerbread and hot cross bun flavours – Knotty’s wanted to develop a brand world that would colourfully cut through the beige-washed competition, bringing a vibrant edge to an otherwise uninspiring category.


While competitor brands undoubtedly offered quality products, none had carved out a place as the notable leader. Importantly, they were all overlooking one of good food’s key benefits: the genuine enjoyment of eating it. So armed with a proposition to ‘make food a more joyful and exuberant experience’ we set about putting Knotty’s fearless, feel-good, fanciful personality on show for all to see. Knowing once people had seen and tasted for themselves, they would be sold.


Our brand idea, ‘Eat wonderful’, celebrated Knotty’s as a small dose of joy in a largely serious world. A fusion of playful language and wonder-filled art direction, this colourful creative platform pushed the norms of any adult-targeted FMCG product out there, engaging people in fantastical nostalgic fun, while still promising great-tasting, great-quality nut butters at its heart.

We showcased the vibrant new world in a Knotty’s brand playbook, which housed everything from core visual assets and tone of voice, to real-world ads and head-turning store displays – ready to be rolled out into real life and ignite an exciting new side to nut butter.