hansgrohe eCommerce


Create new rich content packages for hansgrohe’s top selling products for use on Amazon and other e-tailer websites. All new content needed to follow a to-be defined, consistent look and feel to help brand stand out and recognition, whilst adding some much-needed order and structure to hansgrohe internal processes.


Asset development

Top selling products were divided into categories to allow for focused shoot production, spanning bathroom and kitchen set-ups, with multiple set changes and complex installations to be considered.

A detailed shot list was created per SKU to ensure no image was missed, whilst also looking for time-saving consistencies between products where a single image could serve multiple uses. Alongside photography, storyboards were created for short video content, with attention to detail required to ensure all different functionalities were correctly captured.


We developed all creative assets with the E4L studio in Germany, before then taking on the mammoth task of creating new icons, ATF and BTF thumbnails, module banners and all copy content within uniformed specifications and file upload structures.

As well as Amazon A+ content packages, we have also created a bespoke eCommerce playbook for hansgrohe which includes guidelines and principles across Amazon for brand shops and promotions, as well as how to utilise for other e-tailers.

Our defined approach to eCommerce is now built-in to all new product launches for hansgrohe and thus considered from the outset to drive efficiency and best practice.