Holey Irresistible


Despite Leerdammer being the No.1 real sliced cheese brand in the UK, the holey Dutch favourite was running the risk of losing its lead by failing to resonate with a new generation of buyers like its rivals were. We needed to get it back out there to reaffirm its place.


Research showed us Leerdammer was perceived as cheap, artificial and tasteless – a reality that naturally prevented new consumers from engaging with the brand. We needed to challenge these misconceptions, communicating the cheese’s unique characteristics: its mild and nutty taste, its mealtime versatility, its ‘realness’ and, of course, its iconic holes.


Our ‘holey irresistible’ ad campaign spanned more than 1,100 nationwide OOH spots, drawing on Leerdammer’s unconventional and upbeat personality traits. Light-heartedly describing the cheese in a humanlike way – not unlike a dating profile bio – we put a personality-filled spin on your average product benefits list, giving a charming new depth to this misunderstood Dutch cheese