How Do You Like Them Apples?


Drive re-appraisal of Copella juices among a younger audience following their fresh re-brand.


Develop an influencer-led campaign focussed on Copella’s core proposition, ‘back to nature’.

We created Camp Copella and, for 48 hours, we played host to 15 hand-picked influencers at Boxford Farm, the home of Copella Apple Juice.

During their stay at our guests learned how Copella is lovingly produced on the farm with a mixture of 25 varieties of apples that are chosen and turned into Copella’s famous juice in just 36 hours.

The influencers had a whole host of activities to generate content from: Picking and pressing their own apples, Copella cocktail mixology, a Copella cookery masterclass, morning lakeside meditation, campfire vibes and locally sourced orchard dining.