You vs. You


We were tasked with helping Bulk’s target audience of 18-35 gym goers feel supported at the most challenging time of year – January. The aim being to create a social campaign that would positively change the narrative around social media perfection. There were no sales objectives, which ultimately would allow for authenticity to shine through.


New Year is a key period in the fitness calendar but brings with it the undue societal pressure to self-improve. And while we’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, all this ultimately does is create self-doubt. Our strategy was to deliver a campaign that would help turn this self-doubt into self-belief.


‘You vs You’ saw us put a microphone to the minds and struggles of 7 fitness influencers to discover the raw inner monologues that fuelled their transitions from self-doubt to self-belief. With no script and no host, our simple, real, and arresting monochrome films centred around a solo stool in a candid pool of light. Allowing us to reveal the transformational journeys of each individual powerfully and authentically without barriers or distractions.